You can do your own books. It's not that complicated is it? Well yes - to do it properly - it is. And it eats up time.
The ability to saw a piece of wood in half doesn't make you a carpenter. Creating a document in Microsoft Word doesn't mean you can design web sites. Selling your car doesn't make you a salesman.
What are the benefits of employing a specialist to manage your finances?

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Time is precious. Use it for what you are good at. Don't waste time trying to make the books balance when we can do it for you. You can earn more in your business in the time saved than it would cost you to use a bookkeeping service. Contact us to see how much you could save.
No Pain
Why risk headaches when trying to make the books balance. If you provide us with the necessary information we will produce your accounts on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to match your requirements.
Knowing whether your business is profitable on a monthly, quarterly or any period basis is invaluable. We can generate Management Reports that give you the chance to make decisions before the year end arrives, when it would be too late for that year to make any changes.
For example: If six months into the year your business is making a good profit and you know it, then you can make decisions to invest more into the business and save on tax liabilities in that financial year.
Accountancy Fees
You can reduce on your accountants fees at the end of the year. If we've carried out your bookkeeping for the year we can supply your accountants with comprehensive information required to complete your year end accounts.
Why pay higher than necessary fees? "Pay Accountants for accounting and bookkeepers for bookkeeping".
We make sure you do not miss those dreaded deadlines (and the fines that could ensue) that the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise are forever imposing. ie: VAT returns, payroll and tax returns.
New Business Start ups
When starting a new venture there are so many things to think of that it's probably worth off-loading the chore of doing the books. We can take care of that and also offer advice on things like grants and loans that can ease the pain of gettting a venture off the ground.

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