Buying software for your business can be a daunting prospect, as can upgrading an existing system. Above all, you want to be certain that you’re getting the right solution, at the right price and with the right level of support.
All our accounts are computerised using predomanantely Sage. We are a re-seller of Sage software (at discounted prices) and offer training for the companies who want an in-house accounting system.

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We primarily offer four solutions (two accounting and two payroll) geared to our typical customer needs. These are the same packages that we use internally. If you would like to manage your own books contact us to find out how little it costs.

Instant Accounts Line 50 Instant
For owner-managers of start-up and early growth businesses.
1-2 users.
For established small businesses, or those with their own dedicated bookkeeper.
1-6 users.
Designed specifically for small business in the UK, all gross and net pay, tax, NI and all statutory payments and deductions calculated automatically Designed specifically for growing businesses, Payroll offers flexibility with easy to use facilities that enable you to process your employees’ payments without the need to understand the complexities of payroll legislation.

You can have the confidence and peace of mind that your payroll is being calculated correctly, since Sage Payroll has undergone the Inland Revenue Payroll Standard accreditation process and has been awarded the Payroll Standard Accreditation logo, signifying that the product is up to date and covers all those areas considered essential for the accurate calculation of tax, NI, tax credits and statutory payments.

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